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Staggwood, LLC was born in 2008 and began as a small one-man-band operation out of a 2-car garage in Port St Lucie, Florida.

Kevin, an injured non-union employee of a multi-gazillion dollar national corporation, needed to find a new income source to support his family. Having inherited his father in laws tool collection when he’d passed years before, Kevin blew off the dust and set to work.

After several hours of toiling away, much to the initial chagrin of his wife, Amanda, he'd made this. (see pic on left) His first "box".
On seeing the reward of his efforts, she said two words. ”Make more!” And so, he did!

The local Green Market & Craft Fair in the picturesque downtown area of beautiful Fort Pierce, Florida (shameless plug) were happy to welcome Kevin Stagg, Maker of Boxes. And oh, how he grew!
Even his admiring offspring became involved helping out on Saturday mornings earning an income of their own.

2016 saw the craftsman’s father, we’ll call him Ron because, well, that’s his name, invest in the company by way of a laser engraver. And oh, how they grew again!

2017 saw a further investment but in a much different vein. They acquired “Ocean Inspired Mailbox Brackets and Wall Art” called Simply Burtons. Susan Burton had needed a hobby and Susan never went in on anything half way! She built her successful business from scratch and Staggwood was impressed and gladly took over. Growing, growing, growing!

SB comprised a whopping 8ft by 4 ft CNC routing machine, numerous items of pre-cut PVC stock, software, a busy online Etsy shop 
and a hugely successful website.

Kevin had great plans for his new toy and set to work (almost) immediately. Toiling away once again on an exciting new project, Amanda knew she may not see him for a while. Once again, he handmade & diligently hand finished beautiful, functional & affordable custom pieces for his happy customers.

Amanda had ideas of her own! Her recent lack of enthusiasm in her Real Estate career largely hinged on her husband’s massive successes in his chosen path. She had, however, begun a sideline move making Closing Gifts for her clients by use of the Laser Engraver and bamboo cutting boards, which was becoming increasingly popular with her own circle at the office. “Make more” her clever husband stated. So, she did!

Soon after, Staggwood launched on Amazon Handmade completing the Staggwood, LLC banner companies.

Staggwood, LLC. Truly family owned and operated since 2009. Just ask the kids! 

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​Last updated July 2022