About Our Products

You're probably wondering what we use to make all of our fabulous things!
As you can see from our lineup, we work with a few different materials.
We locally source all of our wood, PVC, glass, slate tile & acrylic as much as possible, especially our wood as we like to see and feel the grain before we start a project even if it's a keepsake box we've made 100 times before.
Each box is unique in that way.
Keepsake Boxes
Kevin is our box making genius! He creates each box from scratch using solid blocks comprised of locally sourced Pine & Cedar as the main body of the box and Poplar for the front to allow for a clear, precise engraving. He hand cuts using an industrial bandsaw & sands each piece smooth before putting it all back together again!

There are over 50 CUTS in our 3 drawer boxes and over 100 in our puzzle boxes! Once we're happy with how they look, we seal with a pre-sanding solution & then it's MY turn to hand sand between 3 coats of top coat lacquer so you can be sure of it's high quality & durability.

All of our boxes are SMOOTH, solid and will endure the test of time for years to come. Every box is heirloom quality and built to last so you can feel confident gifting to someone you love or treating yourself!
Mailbox Decorations, Address Signage & Outdoor Wall Art
We always source the best 1/2 Inch All Weather Industrial Grade PVC available.
What is PVC? It's a type of marine board which is perfect for outdoor use as it won't rust, rot, peel or flake.
It also contains UV inhibitors so it won't yellow in the sun & as it's Industrial Grade, it won't crack in colder climates.
We often get asked about painting. Yes! You can let your imagination run and paint them any color or design you wish.
We hand finish each piece so it's ready to go as soon as you receive it. 
Commonly asked questions:
- How do I clean it?
Easy! Just a wipe with a damp cloth is all it needs. For more stubborn dirt, a power washer is fine to use on any well attached item.
- How do I hang it?
Easy! We include a sawtooth hanger OR you can use a liquid nail type of product to adhere it for signage and wall art. If you prefer holes to screw it in, that's fine, too. Either ask us to cut those for you or go ahead if you're handy. The only advice we give is stay 1" away from any edge to avoid cracking your item.
For mailbox decorations, we pre-drill and countersink the holes for you and include the screws you'll need.
- I have 5 numbers. Will this still work?
Yes. We offer 7 font types for signs and 1 for plaques. We always send a proof to you for approval before we cut so if you want to make a change, just let us know. We'll send a new proof so you're sure to get just what you want.
- Can you create a custom piece for me? Maybe my business logo?
Absolutely! This is our JAM! We design from scratch and love seeing your vision come to life. Just reach out to us using the Contact form.
Thank You For Choosing Staggwood
Every time you support a small, independently owned family run business like ours, we do a little happy dance!

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